Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Snow Pics


Big Black Bear Tracks

Great View from the Top

Catching Air

Getting Out There.

The Fam

4ft long icycle

Monday, January 09, 2017

Snowstorm 2017

Bacon on the grill in 6 degrees.

If a family is going to play in the snow all day,  they better eat something that sticks to their ribs! The Breakfast of a Lumberviking.
 It snowed,  quite a bit.  It is butt cold though.  The temps have been below freezing since Friday night.  That keeps the snow from melting.  Makes snow play less frantic for sure.  
 Lots of sledding, snow ball fights etc .   The normal.

I just can't make myself ride inside anymore.  Too masochistic or something.   But what to do with snow and ice?  I finally broke down and bought some YakTrax-  chains that wrap around shoes to give traction.  Holy Moly,  that was amazing,  Then I went out and ran 1.5 hrs, getting back after sun set.  

 Another amazing day!

Friday, January 06, 2017

Second Guessing

 My brain won't stop.  I'm not sure if it is just a bad habit or the way I am wired.   I second guess everything in my head.  I could be having the time of my life and I question whether I am having the time of my life.  I need to turn it off, and relax.  And that was the focus of today's ride.  Breathe the cold mountain air,  smell the forest,  enjoy the view. 
 I took the kid to Best Buy last night.  He finally saved enough money to purchase a new iPod Touch.  He has been saving and researching for close to a year.  Totally proud of the kid.  But,  then I stressed him out.  What, on the surface, felt to me like helping him make a solid decision, led to him second guessing his purchase.  Good grief.  That is not a trait I want to pass on.  He felt good about his decision and had planned ahead to make it happen.  I need to let that go. 

What it boils down to is lack of trust, worry and anxiety.  I'm supposed to let go of anxiety: "be anxious for nothing".  That also means letting go of control.  Crap,  if I'm not in control...... actually,  I'll be better off.   But I need to practice living like this.  Easier said than done,  but I'm gonna try.   It will free up a ton of mind space.
Go enjoy the view!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

So Long

 If you want to move forward in life, become a better person, and be a positive influence on those around you, you can only beat yourself up for so long.  You have to stop second guessing every move and commit.  You have to move forward and live the life you have created, or will create for yourself.

I have spent way too much time wondering about choices.  It is an ingrained habit that  I am determined to break.  In fact, I waffled about writing this post and almost didn't, but knew that I had to fight that and just do it.  Writing the post is something that will help me, and hopefully others, so just do it. 
The same goes for riding my bike long distances.  I have to do it, it is part of who I am and what I enjoy.  I can't spend the entire time on each ride, wondering if I should be spending that time with family.  I do need to spend time with family and I do, plenty.  I can't feel bad for spending time on myself.

I'm determined to break this detrimental habit, cause I know I'll regret it down the road if I don't!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Happy New Year!

 Something feels different, and I have not been able to put my finger on it.  I have spent a lot of time over the past several months working through some things and I think I have finally come to peace with some demons.

A tough situation that could have been worse, I was able to deal with some issues and let them go.  I don't remember that happening before.  I'm pretty sure the situation was meant to stir up emotion and create conflict.  I'm tired of conflict, I'm all about resolving issues,  and I mean what I say.  As I started to get angry about the situation,  a calm came over me and I realized that I should let it go.  And I did.  It took mere seconds to work through rather than months or year that previous conflicts took.  That was cool! 
 More mental space means more energy and better time spent with the family.  We took off in hunt for Elk in Cataloochee.... and got skunked.  We'll be back.  
 And with the New Year, I'm once again trying to figure out my race/ride schedule.  So many option, so little cash flow.  I'm thinking this might be the year of some big solo rides.  The wife's schedule is so weird that it is difficult to plan father out than 6-8 weeks.  I have several friends who want to plan trips, but I frustratingly can't.  Hopefully something will work out. 

I missed riding consistently in 2016.  I'm determined to get out more this year, and attempt to be the year round rider I used to be.  I got pretty slack over the year, and while I spent a lot of time with the fam, I can't neglect myself and the challenges that are out there.  Riding a bike is a gift, a privilege, and I am determined to take advantage of it! 
Cheers to big rides in 2017!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Little Adventure Week

 It has been somewhat of an adventurous week for me.  Mixed it up, and missing the bike, but glad to get out and push my boundaries.  You just don't know what you can do unless you give it a try. 

Half way to the in law's house, I realized I didn't have the proper cold weather gear for riding.  Fortunately,  I always pack my trail running gear just in case. 

When we got to Roanoke, I dropped the wife and kid off and headed to the hills.   An 8 mile round trip to MacAfee's Knob was just what I needed to relieve the stress of the day. 

The next day,  I wanted to attempt both Dragon's Tooth and Tinker Cliffs but the dog needed some exercise, so I headed out to Carvin's Cove for another 2 hr run. I felt pretty good considering I had been sick the previous week and have not run in a long time.... 
 Fast forward to later in the week, and 40 mph hour wind gusts in the forecast.  I loaded up all of my sails this time and headed to Lake James to see what it was going to be like.  The whitecaps were pretty dense and the wind was blowing spray off the tops of the waves.   That is a lot of wind.  I was not sure if I could handle it so I rigged my 4.6 and headed out.  Nope.  Can't handle it.  I was getting worked.  I made it across the lake, and turned around,  wondering if I would be able to make it back. 

The 40 plus mph winds were crazy. 

I had a couple of back up plans and was prepared to go that route if needed.  I fell in, a couple of times and managed to get back up.  Once I got going it was ok, still getting worked, but making it back across the lake. 

 I got back to the beach and hung out for a few minutes,  allowing the burn in my forearms to subside.  Then there was a lull,  meaning the wind dropped down to about 20 mph.  I took off again and enjoyed 2 runs before the fierce winter wind kicked in again.  
 I decided that I had pushed beyond my limits, so I packed up and headed home.  Disappointed and excited at the same time.  This was the strongest wind I had ever sailed in!  

Now I'm watching for the next storm. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Heavy Heart

Man,  my heart is heavy this morning.  All day yesterday and looks like today.  When will the sadness end?  I know I gotta let time do it's thing, but good grief. 

I had a dream about Alex early Sunday morning.  We were at the park, he was being silly.....  good times. 

I got to spend the weekend with the kid.  Since it was rainy and cold, we didn't do a lot.  Went to the toy stored to buy some toys for Toys For Tots.  Toured Field and Stream,  wrapped gifts at REI.  Chill weekend.  I have to consciously peer through the cloud of sadness and realize how good I have it.  It is easy to lose sight of.  Although, none of what I have is mine,  it has been granted to me from my Creator. 

That helps me keep things in perspective.  I don't know why Alex and Milena are gone, but if I truly believe in the grand scheme, then I believe that there is or will be a purpose for their leaving us. 

Several interesting thoughts have come to mind through this. 

- Kids are angels who have come to earth to learn how to be human.  Totally unfounded other than my mind doing it's thing.  But,  what if it were true?  We better step up our game and fight the good fight!

-In general, people are only motivated through tragedy.  Floods, drought, pipelines, the presidential race etc.  People tend to only react when something negative impacts them.  Maybe if nothing negative ever happened,  then we would sit around being self absorbed, bon bon eating, lazy bones.  I don't know, but its something to think about.