Friday, January 23, 2015


 I'm finally working up to more time on the bike.  This week I was able to squeeze in just under 3 hrs.  I always seem to get home and am just minutes short of my goal.  I don't bother riding around the block,  maybe I should for the psychological edge, but I don't. 

I've been looking at maps again.  I'm mentally ready to go when the warm weather window opens, but I'm thinking the body needs a couple more weeks of base miles before I go long.
 I thought I would try to convert my road bike to a gravel grinder.  I can only fit 700x28's on it though, so the ride was super stiff and rattle me pretty good.  Someone told me I always end up doing things the hard way.  I responded by saying that you never know.  That's why you gotta try.  Some things work for some people, while the same thing won't work for someone else. 
I got home and told Rhonda I was going to have to get a new bike.... she laughed.    Someone needs to explain to her the importance!  

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