Friday, February 27, 2015

Surviving The Storm

 I've been able to ride fairly consistently with a mix of roller rides, Spin Tech, slushy parkway, and a rather pleasant snow ride in Bent Creek.  Megan Archer joined me for that one

I'm loving my Salsa El Mar!  It was super stable in the 2-3 inches of snow and forgiving when I wound up in some ice ruts.  A couple of hairy moments and I slowed down.

Megan Archer cranking up the hills with the added resistance of snow.

Freshly plowed Parkway= booo
 With soft snow all around the neighborhood, I was hoping to find the same on the Parkway.  I was about 1 hr too late.... oh well.

 Ollie, loves the snow.   We went out the night that the storm moved in.  He could hear the flakes falling and chased them, not knowing what they were.  Hilarious.  

Now the snow is slowly melting.   Hopefully the kids will have a full week of school next week.

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