Wednesday, December 23, 2015


 Recovery from my tooth work and feeling  a little restless I got out for a quick gravel ride out at Bent Creek. It was not very crowded which was nice.  I might have seen a dozen folks and only about 3 bikes.
It was overcast in the parking lot then turned to fog, then cleared up and I could see a large cloud filling the valley below.   Pretty cool view.  Sometimes I wish we had less trees.  The forest is cool and all but we have some really great views that are obscured.  It is part of the feel and mystery though. 

I'm hoping to get out to ride today but life might put me on the rollers.  I don't hate the rollers yet, and could really tell a difference on yesterday's ride.    The key will be making sure I have good music to listen to while I ride.   That makes all the difference. 

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