Sunday, February 28, 2016


The kid and I hide from each other each time we come home.  If he is home and I'm gone,  he hides when I get home and vice versa.  I have started hiding on the couch, "in plain view". 

The first time, I hid under the blanket no the couch.  It took him a few minutes because the blanket is big and floppy.

The next time, I placed pillows under the blanket to look like a person.  Then I hid behind the bedroom door.  He went straight to the couch and jumped on it,  thinking I was under there.  Nope.  Got him good!

I decided to up the game the 3rd time.  I placed pillows on the couch, covered them with the blanket,  pulled the seat cushions out about 8 inches,  slid in behind the cushions and pulled the blanket over me and the pillows.  I left a little peep hole under the pillow so I could watch and breathe!  Success.  The kid went straight to the couch,  pressed the pillows then moved on through the house looking for me.   The wife had pity on him and gave away my secret,  but, that hiding place was amazing!   

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