Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Time goes by.  It does not matter if you are doing anything or not, time still keeps ticking. 

I have been working hard, getting the word out about Trips For Kids WNC.  I've been meeting people, networking, brainstorming.  It is a lot of fun and I am so excited that I am not the only one excited about this idea.  Everybody I talk to is supportive and eager to help in lots of different ways.

There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head, so many kids who would benefit from a mountain bike outing or two.  But there is only so much time in the day, week, month and year.  It will be impossible to do it all, alone.  But I'm going to start and see what comes of it.

This vision started a long time ago.  I think I saw the add in a bike magazine.  A picture of smiling kids on mountain bikes, grinning ear to ear,  the logo was that of Trips For Kids.  The seed was planted and cultivated, I believe, by the Creator, who has a vision for me.  As the years went by, the image stuck in my head.  As I experienced new things, contemplated decisions, had heart to heart talks with myself about myself and chose to make some hard choices, and improve myself,  things were happening that I was unaware of. 

So, when I told Rhonda at the end of August, that "I was willing to continue at my job for a couple of years, but didn't plan on staying there forever",  and that "if God wanted me to do something different, He would have to drop it in my lap",  I had no idea what I was in for. 

The next day, I went in to work and was "let go",  it didn't make any sense at first,  but after realizing what I had said, it started to make sense.  

It was time to move, to do something for myself.  To chase my dreams and visions, ( although I know they are not mine but a gift).  After taking some time to mull things over, and after the encouragement from too many people to mention here,  I decided to take the plunge into the waters of the unknown. 

I started with nothing, 3 months ago, and am now very close to having a fully operational organization.  

The mission of this organization is simple:  To provide mountain bike outings and environmental education to those who would not otherwise be exposed to such activities. Simple.  But inside that there are so many other things that will happen.  Great things that I have no idea about and if I knew now, they would be so overwhelming that I would most likely sit and do nothing. 

So, I don't want to know until the time is right.  Until then, I will keep doing what I am doing;  Networking, fund raising, requesting partnerships,  securing a fleet of bicycles.

Join me in making our community a better place:


Have a great day!!

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