Friday, December 17, 2010


I got to go for a 3 hour hike, in the snow earlier this week.  It was a peaceful, below freezing, powdery, desolate, wonderland and I had it all to myself.   The plus was that I walked out my front door to get there. 

On the hike, I was thinking through my life and my situation.  I was getting more and more bummed about things when suddenly I had a realization:  I spend a lot of my time and energy, focusing on the negative relationships in my life. 

Wow,  the light bulb came on, and I realized just how much time I waste in doing that.   But now, what to do?  Like all other bad habits, I will need to replace it with a good habit.  When I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I will replace the thought with something positive....something as little and unassuming as bird tracks in the snow.!!

Its going to be a great day,  enjoy it!

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