Thursday, February 24, 2011


I got two rides in today.  I was supposed to have meetings all day, but the kid got sick and the wife had school so I stayed home.  I tried to ride the rollers but due to being in a funk lately, I only rode for 30 minutes. 

It was rainy and chilly all day, it didn't help my head space, but I did my best to keep a positive attitude.

The wife came home and I made it to an afternoon meeting which was very encouraging and exciting. 

I got back home in time to get outside on my road bike.  I had about 2 hrs so I headed south on the parkway for 45 minutes before turning around and heading home.  

I recently got fit at Liberty Bicycles.  The fit was long overdue and I have not been able to afford it,  but things worked out and I went for it.  It turns out that even though I was riding stronger than ever before, I was too far forward and too low in my position on the bike.  Now that I'm more stretched out, I can feel a huge difference,  only the muscles are not used to the activity, so it's a little like starting a couple of months ago.  But,  I'm sure that the legs will come around pretty quickly and the guys at Liberty will wish they had left my fit alone!!

Since I did not have much time, I pushed hard,  made the legs burn, recovered, then did it again.  Several times.  It was great and now I have my legs propped up,  content and recovering. 

I look forward to another ride.

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