Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bikepacking Machine

The Machine

 I got a new bike built up. Its a miracle bike really.  I've been thinking about building a full 29er for a bikepacking specific bike for over a year now.  The plan was to get one this winter or spring,  then life happened and plans fell through. 

I went ahead and put it out there that I was considering a full 29er and things started to go my way.  Friends called with parts they had that they needed to move on.  Liberty Bikes had the rest of the parts that I lacked.  Before long, I had my new bikepacking machine built up. 

As I write this, I find it difficult to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to build this bike.  When you see me ride by and see the smile on my face you will understand.  

I hope to upgrade the frame in the future to something sweet and hopefully handbuilt,  but for now, I'm pleased, and look forward to many adventures!!

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