Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Kit

I was asked to list what I am carrying, so here you go:

The bike:
Cannondale 29er Caffeine.  ( I hope to upgrade to a sweet steel frame some day, but for now I am pleased as pudding.)

The Bags and contents:

Revelate Handle Bar Bag:
Filled with as many snacks as I can fit- granola bars, nuun, Honey Stinger, honey buns, rice krispy treats, trail mix, corn chips etc.

Revelate Harness holding a 13 liter drybag, could use a little bit bigger one esp in cold weather or with no possible re-supply.  Also held a pair of $5 camo Wal Mart flip flops that disappeared somewhere on the most recent trip.
Lafuma 35 degree synthetic sleeping bag ( If I were in race mode and the weather was warm, I would trade this for a sleeping bag liner and use an SOL emergency bivy, )
Basic first aid kit
bag of spare clothes: lightweight shorts, dri fit Honey Stinger t-shirt, long sleeve 3/4 zip Hot Chilis turtleneck, mtn hardware fleece hat, wool socks, arm warmers, knee warmers.  this bag doubles as my pillow and also contains a Stowe puffy hooded jacket in the colder months.

Revelate Gas Tank:
stuffed with snacks, bars crackers.  Easy access food.

The other tank:
Small bento box type of attachment, holds more snacks, lube and small headlamp.

Revelate Tangle Bag: 
(This works for now, one day I'll order a custom full frame bag  )70oz bladder in larger pocket
small pocket: necessities, cell phone in zip lock bag, toothbrush, toilet paper, cable ties, etc.

Revelate Visacha Seat Bag:
titanium cook pot and mug,
Esbit stove and fuel
Thermarest Neo Pro inflatable sleeping pad
Locally made ultra sil tarp 5x8  (similar to integral designs)
SOL brand emergency bivy
ground tarp cut out from housing moisture barrier ( off brand, am looking for some Tyvek)
Sierra Designs ultra light rain jacket
PUR water filter

Spot Tracker
nuun tabs

I think that about wraps it up.   I have room to carry about 3 days worth of food, if I stuff my jersey pockets too.  Although that would be a heavy load. 


Nolan LaVoie said...

Let me know if you find some tyvek. Id like some to!


clay said...

I bought my tyvek off ebay ;)