Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Pisgah Traver: Picture Story

Kitsuma Trail Head, the start.

Point Lookout Trail,  this used to be a motor road.  At this point was a restaurant.  People used to drive from miles around to eat lunch and see the bears in cages.

Montreat NC

Looking across the valley from Old Toll Rd, view of Heartbreak ridge.

Old Toll is a lot like cobbles...

Heartbreak = tight singletrack

I do not recommend this for dinner..

the next morning,  a look of hurt

Sunrise on the Gravel Grind

Mt Mitchell

Entrance to Mt Mitchell State Park
Day 3, the first few miles
Laurel Mtn Mountain Laurel Tunnel

Blooming Galax

Davidson River Campground

The Fish Hatchery

I saw quite a few of these little guys

The pavement climb up 215 was hot and long

One of my favorite spots ever.

The trail to Ivestor Gap

The View

The finish at Ivestor Gap

The view from Ivestor

250 miles, home and tired.


brado1 said...

nicely done! epic for sure!

jaybird said...

Awesome! Way to go, Stephen!

Chris Hunt said...

Nice photos. Loved the sunrise on the gravel road shot. Your rig is very similar to mine. I'm inspired to do this route now! - Chris