Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I rolled out at 11am,  again after it was nice and hot.  I decided to fight the traffic and head up to Craggy Gardens for a solid climbing work out.  I started out too fast, but then reeled myself in and warmed up properly.  Didn't want to "pull a hammy".  

 It turned out that the traffic was not too bad, and I was able to get lost in thought and the sights.  It is so cool to be able to ride out of my driveway and be a couple of thousand feet off of the valley floor in less than an hour.  As I climbed the air cooled and then it felt like someone turned on the air conditioner.  I soaked it in, anticipating the heat back down in the valley. 

 As I rounded the last bend at the gap, after filling my bottle with fresh mountain spring water, I was greeted with some dark clouds rolling in.  I was looking forward to racing the storm home. 
fresh piped water
I paused at the Visitor Center for a few minutes before heading back down.  On the downhill I felt relaxed and euphoric.  I was at ease, spinning the cranks, living in the moment.  When I got back down, it was warm but due to storms rolling in, the air had cooled off somewhat, so I didn't get blasted by the furnace that I had expected.

It was a good day.

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