Monday, August 06, 2012

Family Ride

I took the family out for a ride in Bent Creek.  Fun times.  We took the gravel road from Rice Pinnacle winding around to the trail head to Wolf Branch, down and back to the parking lot.  Just a little over 5 miles of fun filled family time.  
 Taking a break at the top of the single track before dropping in, the kid asked if I was going to do the log ride.   I did not do the log ride,  I think he still loves me.
 The trusty Siren SL 55.  I love this bike,  it fits like a glove.  However, since getting on the Foundry Ratchet I have been having lucid dreams about a certain carbon bike.... nothing wrong with dreaming.
 The wife, making the new Trips For Kids WNC jersey look really fine.  Get yours now at REI Asheville... the jersey not the wife.
And finally,  feeling stoked about cleaning the techy downhill, after 2 failed attempts,  it was time to ride the bike through the creek.   The wife and kid,  I'm proud of my little tribe!!

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