Friday, August 17, 2012

Long Shadows

The Ratchet has been hanging on the wall for a couple of weeks while I spent time in the woods on my mountain bike.  I was wondering how I would feel getting back on the carbon ride  and was not sure how my legs were going to hold up to the demands of the pace.  

We rolled out, Kevin and I keeping a steady warm up pace, and then peeled off.  Either the pace was slow or I was feeling good.  I chalked it up to: the pace was slow.

 At some point, the pace picked up and the group split in half like a banana at an ice cream party.  I was able to hang on  to the front group until the last climb, when Sam upped the pace AGAIN, and I was off the back.  I switched gears and put my hands in the drops to reduce wind resistance.  One thing about this bike is that I feel like there is no energy lost in pedaling.  It responds well to a smooth cadence.  I was glad to see that I kept the group in sight, and feel sure that I could have reeled them in on the next decent.  Sweet,  maybe I was feeling good after all.
 We pedaled on, chit chatted our way beside corn fields that we have seen grow all summer long.  The shadows are getting longer this time of year, and there is a hint of fall in the air.  Leaves are losing their vibrant green luster, some turning a dry green, others brown.

The changing of the seasons always comes quickly,  after getting into the routine of the previous season, I prepare myself for what lies ahead (cold) while enjoying what is happening now. 
We drive the pace down the homestretch chatting again, the miles go by quickly.  After a great discussion of various topics with Chris Strout,  I peel off on the Parkway to head for home.  The Ratchet is not afraid of a little single track!

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