Tuesday, February 05, 2013


I get to go to CPR  re-cert today.  I'm going to ask if the on line re-cert courses are legit.  I've taken this course so many times that for once I can ace a test without studying.  I tried that a lot in college but it didn't work.  Actually, I studied, but the things that were interesting to me, we typically not on the test.   The library was a good place to meet people. 

Highs in the low 50's today and I'm gonna be stuck inside, with no chance to ride,  in fact, it does not look like I will get a ride in at all today,  that's life. 

I got the bikepacking bike built up and ready to roll.  I was planning on a quick trip this weekend but then started thinking I should take the family camping.  Yeah, that would be more fun for everybody,  guess we'll wait til the last minute and see what the weather does!

One month to go til the next Snake.  I'm looking forward to improving.  I think I know what I need to do to shave a little more time off, and I plan on working hard to get there.  I would really like to reach my PR of 3:58.  That happened on the single speed at the first race I did out there.   That's how my PR's look,  ORAMM's PR is also on a single speed, the first year I attempted it: 7:30,  without structured training.   Maybe I overthink things these days.   I'll see how the snake goes then re-assess.

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