Monday, February 25, 2013

Long Winter

Good gravy, it feels like this winter has dragged on for a very long time.   Being in 65 degree temps at the SE Bike Expo yesterday didn't help coming home to cold and overcast.   And its not that it has been that cold, just cold combined with lots of rain,  making it almost impossible to ride outside on a daily basis.

I'm not sure why this winter is dragging for me.  I do miss long rides in the warm sun.  I miss the fresh air blowing through the windows.  I have a new bike packing bike that is waiting for a ride.  First though, I am committed to getting through the Snake Creek Gap Series.... going for the belt buckle.

I love this race and love the course.  The local Sorba club does an excellent job of putting it on and I recommend it.  But I'm falling more in love with going my own pace,  sleeping under a tarp and packing up at the break of dawn.   At the same time,  I'm not keen on doing so during the winter because laying in my sleeping bag for 12 hrs of darkness, and 30 degree weather is simply not my idea of fun.

Someone mentioned that I should pick up an additional hobby.  Maybe I should, but everything that I find interesting, would only raise my cost of living....

So, I sit and wait,  for warmer weather and longer days.  This could happen anytime now,  3-6 weeks and I'll be saddling up for a long one.

Can't wait!

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