Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Intentional Act of Kindness

I've been slammed lately.  Working on a new project that will keep bikes out of the landfill and get them into good hands while helping to fund Trips For Kids WNC.  Working on the roof and finishing the house project, waiting for materials and hoping the rain holds off til after the weekend.

I did finish my Christmas shopping way ahead of time this year,  but now I'm giddy with anticipation because I went all out this year.... but that does not really matter.

Needless to say I'm a bit tuckered.  And when I get in that state of mind, it becomes difficult to keep a good attitude.  But, surrounded with good friends and a rocking wife and kid, it becomes easier to manage the stress.

Then to top it all off, we were visiting a friend last night.  As we were leaving, the friend handed the kid something special.  Who it was or what it was, is not important outside of that interaction.  The result of the simple action is what matters.

If you want to  impact someone for life,  give up something of value,  do something for someone.  No strings attached.  When you do that, for a person,  you are making a statement of their humanity,  that they are alive, have purpose and have importance.

Practice intentional acts of kindness.  Nothing random about it.  Intentional.  Stop what you are doing for 30 seconds, write a check, buy a meal, rake a yard.  Stop buying into the madness of the capitalistic holiday season, and just take a deep breathe.   And listen.  Look around.  People, everywhere, feeling the same,  breathing the same air,  hoping for the same things.

Let's practice love, one small step at a time.  

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