Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Roanoke VA

 We headed up to Roanoke for a couple of days.  The part I enjoy about this trip is that I get to spend a lot of time outside, with nothing to worry about but myself.  I get up when I want, head out the door, and come back when I want.  A bit of a selfish lifestyle for a couple of days, but with the wife and kid occupied,  and I refuse to sit around and do nothing,  I have no choice but to head outside!! 

After fighting 4 hours of post Christmas Day traffic we finally arrived and unloaded.  I made it to the MacAfee Knob trailhead by 4pm and headed up the AT.  Roughly 3.9 miles to the summit.  I assumed a nice long slow distance pace and chipped away at the miles.

It was cold and windy,  the low was supposed to be mid 20's and with the wind chill, I was sure it was close to that already. 

I had originally thought about spending the night on the trail, but didn't feel like laying in the freezing cold alone for 8 or so hrs. 

I passed a handful of people heading back down the trail, one lady telling me I was going the wrong way.....she was wrong.  I was headed north, and up.  Hoping to make the summit by sunset.
 I kept an eye on the sun setting behind me, and adjusted my pace to get to the top.  It was mostly  climbing with a few dips in the trail.  I was not used to going up for 3 miles so this was a good change of terrain. 
 I made it to the top with 10 minutes to spare before the sun set, but was rewarded with a thousand hues of pink.  The wind was howling, so I only got to spend about 5 minutes at the top, and even then was pretty chilled when I turned to head back down. 

I had light for about half of the return trip and then I finally got to try out my Black Diamond Storm.  That headlamp is amazing.  With several different settings, I could customize the light that I needed to see the trail.  I can't wait to use it again!
Back to the van, changed and head into town to rustle up some grub.  8 miles in two hrs.  

Tomorrow, I had plans to head to Carvins Cove to do a run out there.

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