Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cut, Split, Stack

Its that time of year again, when I sacrifice some ride time, in order to get the firewood we need for next winter.  Getting it cut, split and stacked is a huge job, but if I get it in there now, it cures all summer and we have heat next winter.  I have to plan ahead, but its cool because when its done, its done. 

The job must have some sort of health benefits too.  Fresh air, exercise etc.

As I was working I was thinking about what it takes to raise up a kid,  thinking about how to learn to be confident.   I didn't get my confidence until a lot later in life, when I actually had the guts to strike out and learn some things on my own.  To fight for my rights, to work for what I wanted in life. 

I realized that you have to let a kid be successful.  You can't nit-pic everything they do and show them what they did wrong.  You have to tell them what they are doing right.   There is definitely a time and place for correction and showing them their errors,  but that should be overshadowed by telling them what they are doing right,  what you like about them, that you are proud of them. 

I caved in to the family this winter and we got Netflix.  It was a cold long winter so, I caved.  And they ganged up on me. 

Catch your kids, (and peers, co workers, spouse etc for that matter) doing something good and praise them for it.  Make a habit of it and I guarantee that one day, they will turn around and return the favor.   There is no feeling like my 9yr old telling me that he is proud of me for something!!


Joe Rinehart said...

Nice thoughts to wake up to man. One thing I've had to learn to do that plays into all this is to let my kids fail as well as be successful. Seeing them realize they've done something wrong, catch themselves, and go back to do it right is rewarding. Sometimes it's hard, especially when they can't fix what's gone wrong, and all I can do is say "That stinks." I'd like to think these little childhood failures get them better prepared to deal with adult life.

steve-oh! said...

As a guy with FOUR kids, I completely relate to what your saying here. I enjoy your blog and hope to ride with you one day on a mountain trip. My wife is a horse rider and I am the cyclist of the family. Trying to ease my 8 and 9 year old boys into it too. We live in Greenville, nc.

Keep up the great posts!