Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Project

 A couple of years ago, I sold one of my bikes.  I promised the kid that I would use the money for a family project.  We settled on a halfpipe in the back yard.  Knowing that the project was not at the top of the priority list, we hid the money and waited for the right time. 

That time rolled around this weekend. 
 I am super proud for kid ( and I told him ).  He helped me out all weekend.  Even later Sunday afternoon, when we were both tired.  He was dragging, but he hung in there.   It was a great opportunity to teach him about good work ethic. 

Spending the weekend together gave us lots of time to talk about life stuff as well,  girlfriends, respect,  working hard,  being a neighbor etc.  Definitely a special time.

 Pizza and Coke for lunch is mandatory for hard workers! 

The rest of the pictures tell the story better than words. 


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