Sunday, August 17, 2014

Gravel Ride

A couple of weeks ago, I drove up to meet  Mike K in Little Switzerland.  He had a gravel road loop mapped out and I was looking forward to giving it a shot.  I got there in time for breakfast.  Rhonda, his wife cooked up some pancakes and eggs.  I couldn't eat everything on my plate and felt bad for not doing so.
We dropped down 226 into the valley and after that I lost track of where I was.  Basically, we rode up the valley, then up to the Blue Ridge, down the other side, , through that valley, then back up to the Parkway and home.
Close to 3 hrs on the road at a leisurely pace.  Perfect day and great conversation. 
Railroad tracks in the middle of seemingly nowhere!

We saw this interesting barn quilt.  I have never seen one like this,  usually they are symetrical designs.  This one was really cool though!  

Once again, Mike pulls off a great loop and we avoid anything epic! 

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