Friday, November 14, 2014

No Regrets

 No regrets,  really.  I'm glad I attempted this route.  I'm glad that I failed, because through this failure, I learned that I have a deep desire to succeed.  I've always told the kid: "Sometimes you have to do things differently, but don't give up"!  

I think it would have been epic, if I had gone out and ridden the route the first try,  but it would have been a different adventure.  So many what  ifs and could've beens.   But,  this is the adventure I had and I'm glad for the experience. 

And man,  if I'm not ready to give it another go.   I have to wait though, for the right time.  Highs today around 35, means 10 degrees colder up on the gaps that the route crosses.  That's weather for someone on a fat bike....
Now, I'm poring over maps again,  looking for more adventure,  streamlining my process and lightening my load.  

This time of year I typically carry all of my camping gear.  Shelter, sleeping bag, pad, ground cloth stove, fuel and meals.  I never use them.  I just carry around bunch of dead weight to fulfill my fantasy of camping out somewhere,  like I used to do.  Maybe I'm getting to old for that crap,  but when I hit a town and have 80-100 miles under my chain,  the easy thing to do is opt for a hotel and a pizza.   And why not?  For some reason, I have felt the need to be "hardcore".  To prove that I can be that much more self sufficient.

And,  I really should look at reducing my daily mileage on some rides!  How about go for 70-80 miles instead of 90-100 per day?  I'm not quite in race mode yet,  again,  maybe if the temps were warmer, I could pull into the woods for a couple of hours of sleep.  But when its cold,  the hot shower and warm bed are soooo nice!

So, here  goes.  I'm looking at maps and lightening my load.  I'm losing several pounds of weight and going bare bones.  Can't wait to see what happens!!

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