Monday, March 23, 2015


WOW,  I'm not sure what exactly, but I've been in a funk.  Not motivated to get out and ride.  Sure, its been difficult with the cold, fickle winter weather, but no excuses.  I've been getting out consistently. (Although, not always when you think I'm riding,  just because I post a pic on Facebook, does not mean that is what I am doing at any given time.) 

I've been getting in some 3 hrs rides over mixed terrain, and some shorter rides on single track, and even some slower recovery type rides.  But, my legs are missing that snap.  That good feeling, that while it sometimes hurts to get over the climb, it still feels good.  I've had the hurt, just not the good feeling. 

I ran into David Noletti the other day and we talked about kids, cookies and intervals.   I realized after that discussion, that intervals just might be the missing link.  I might be strong, and have endurance miles built up,  but without intervals...... aaah, the missing link.  

So, 3 weeks from my first race of the year, I did my first set.  And it felt so good.  It even felt great, and terrible all at the same time. 

I'm feeling excited about riding again,  especially during this time crunched time of year, when I don't have time for long rides. 

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