Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oakley Swings

$320  donated to date.

Consider this:
 Besides being an enjoyable activity for children, research supports that swinging is very beneficial for physical, social, and cognitive development for children and can also be used in therapeutic situations. Physically, children develop gross motor skills, including locomotion, balancing, and body coordination, as they run and jump into swings, push others, develop pumping motions, and jump out of the swings. They also develop fine motor skills including hand, arm, and finger coordination, grip strength, and circling motions of their arms and legs.
“Function and Value of Swings: The Benefits of Playground Swings.”

We are up to $300 now.  Keep spreading the word.  How awesome would it be if we reached our goal by Christmas?  I say freaking awesome!!!

One week into the Oakley Swings fundraiser and we are already on a roll.   $160 raise so far and word is just getting out.   Don't miss your chance to be a part of this project!!

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