Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Finally Riding

 I finally got to ride outside.  Almost warm enough to get rid of the arm and knee warmers but the headwind and clouds on the way back in made it just chilly enough.  I felt better than I thought I would, considering I've been off the bike for most of the week. 

I kept my efforts low so I wouldn't bury myself again.   So nice to be outside again.   I'm not sure the best way to get back up to speed fitness wise, so I'm just going to get some miles under me and then work on my "speed" again.  

My goal for the year is "be fit and have fun".  That is working out great for me so far!   3 Hrs on the Ridge was fun.  It got me excited about exploring some new events this year.  

I almost signed up for Southern CX,  but with the late registration price combined with The Snake expenditures,  I couldn't swing it.  I think I'll go for it next year and skip The Snake. 

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