Monday, March 21, 2016

That Weekend Tho

 That was a great weekend.  Nothing epic, just some ride time and family time. 

After the kid's soccer game on Saturday, I got in a quick ride before taking the family out on the sailboat.  The winds all but died when we got on the water, but we farted around for a bit before heading back to land for some Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack! 
 Spring is here in the mountains and it snowed Sunday night.  No school delays which is good. 

 I got out Sunday morning for a good mountain bike ride.   The Pisgah Stage Race
is in 3 weeks and I'm not ready!  Of course not, it is barely spring.   Due to sickness and other day to day excuses, I haven't spent the time on the bike that I had planned.  On the upside, this will be my 8th year and I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm thinking about adding a dropper post to my ride, but I'm having trouble finding one within my price range.  It's gotta be a 27.2 diameter too which limits my options.   I'd love to get the Thomson Dropper Post , but....  
Hopefully something will turn up, if not,  I'll still have  a blast! 

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