Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spring Break: ATL

 Spring break trip to Atlanta has come and gone.  The family wanted a taste of the city and they got it.  I would have rather gone other places, but they have been talking about the GA Aquarium and the Coke museum for years.   Thanks to some guidance from Eddie O, I booked a motel near Kennesaw, one that was less than 15 minutes from Rope Mill and Blankets Creek MTB trails!   I got to ride a little bit each day and that kept me from going totally bonkers. 

I can maneuver through a city just fine,  but I'd prefer not to.

 I was impressed with the kid,  we took his bike just in case, and he eagerly joined me on two separate rides.   One 4 miler and one 6 miler.  There is hope! 
 We did the hike up Stone Mountain. I used to run up this mound of solid rock.  I thought I was cool.  We walked today but it seemed easier/shorter than when I was in college.  Maybe I'm stronger/smarter now....maybe not.
 One highlight of the trip was meeting Roy Faulkner.  Roy was the guy who completed the relief carving on the side of Stone Mountain.  For history buffs (Mike Keeley)  click this link for a great article: Roy F Article
And of course,  a person does not go to ATL without going to The Varsity.  "What'll ya have"!!   After this I went and rode the trails for 1.5 hrs.... so its all good! 

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