Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer is Funner

 Running my self ragged and having a fun time doing it. 

We have had some pretty great times on the lake this year.  I'm so thankful to get the kid on and in the water more often this summer.   Learning how to swim and be comfortable around water is such an important life skill. It has been so hot lately that the kid is loving it too.  
 The Trips For Kids WNC ride program is going amazingly well.  Weekly trips are going great and our schedule is booked with some groups on a waiting list.  If you want to help us keep the program rolling and getting kids on bikes in the woods, please consider donating here : Donate Now!
 A friend gave me some old windsurf equipment and it turned out to be perfect for teaching the kid.   I did have to order a tiny sail for him.   He has gotten out on the water a couple of time and now we are waiting for a windier day. 
I finally found time to replace the old gate/fence at the entrance to our house.  The chicken coop on the left is next, and then the fencing project will be complete. 
 It is a big, beefy, ranch style fence.  The gate opening is 2 feet wider than the old one, which will make it a lot easier to back trailers into the back yard. 
And ,  I cut down 2 of the neighbor's trees.  These Bradford Pears had been obliterated by recent storms, and they need the remains cut down.  With some wedges and rope work, they fell exactly where I wanted them too.  

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