Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Mini Van

 We started having some issues with the Ford Deathstar that we have had for close to 8 years.  Nothing major, but enough to wonder if it would last through family vacation at the end of the summer.  And I definitely didn't feel comfortable sending the wife on a road trip to visit her parents.  We have been saving for a couple of years now, once I realized that in order to get something nice, that will last.

Neither of us have ever purchased from a dealership and after hearing the horror stories of old,  I was a bit nervous.  After researching and deciding on  a Dodge Grand Caravan,  we did some "window shopping" at some local dealerships before finally driving one.  We were pretty sure that this would be the type of van for us, until that test drive.  Then I wasn't so sure.

I called our mechanic and chatted,  got some recommendations.  Frankly,  I was tired of the search and research and we had enough saved for a large down payment.  (My goal was to pay the full amount, but it didn't look like that was feasible).  We have never had car payments either,  new territory.

I started looking at Toyota Siennas.  Mike and a bunch of other friends have them and they are still rolling with over 200K miles.  I found one online Friday night at Jim Barkley Toyota in Asheville, ( highly recommend them).  I sent an e-mail reserving it for a test drive and drove it at 9am on Saturday.  2 miles into the drive, I called the wife.  "We don't want a Dodge Caravan,  we want this Toyota Sienna".   So many packages and options,  this van had what we needed and wanted.  Rear folding seats, rear AC/Heat control, and middle row roll down windows.  And it is the sport model so it looks really cool.  I like that. 

We sat down to make a deal and it was going so smoothly, and I was so ready to be done that I failed at negotiating.  But considering the price had recently been dropped, and I felt like it was  a fair deal, I rolled with it and drove it home on Monday.  

Adventure van is ready to adventure!
In other news, I have not gone on a ride in 1.5 weeks.  With the kid out of school and me getting ready for summer ride programs, things are crazy.  So when a neighbor called and offered to keep the kid for the day,  I jumped at the opportunity! 

So hot, but so nice.


Anonymous said...

nice ride and a nice ride.

ON ON!!!

Dan Paloma said...
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