Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Training

I had a great work ride this morning. Temps were around 32, nice and toasty!!! I found a secret passage that puts me on the Blue Ridge Parkway within 5 minutes of leaving my house. This is great because I can avoid a whole bunch of traffic. I am looking forward to going home that way too and avoiding a whole lot more traffic, after dark.

The only drawback is that it will be after dark, and the Parkway is really dark after dark. It doesn't help that I have a slight fear of the dark. It really is not good when I am trying to keep my heart rate low. I'll see how it goes!!!

Sunday I went running after Rhonda got home from work. I didn't feel like getting on the bike so I ran. I ended up running for 1 hr 45 mins. That was really cool. That's how I found the shortcut for my new ride route. I ended up running all the way to the BRP Destination center. I'll have to take Jubal there to see the stuffed black bear. I got there just in time to get some water before they closed. I headed home, but decided to take the extra half mile loop, just because. It was a race with the setting sun though, it was almost dark by the time I got out of the woods!!! Again, that dark thing.

But I made it home and had some delicious venison stew to refuel!!!

Have a great day!! ( and watch out for the boogey man)!!!

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