Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Weekend

Jubal went to visit my parents in Charloot for the weekend, and this was Rhonda's weekend to work. That left me with lots of time on my hands to ride and work on the house. I was not at all motivated to work on the house. I thought about working on the house first thing Saturday morning since it was about 20 degrees. But I put it off. I also put off going for my ride, until it warmed up to 25 degrees.
I hit the Parkway on my mtn bike and headed to Bent Creek. It was cold but I was dressed perfectly. I did a nice ride out around BC, dodging hunters. It seems that a group of about 15 hunters had converged on BC for the last day of legal rifle hunting in the area. I asked each one that I passed if they had had any luck. As if rehearsed, they all gave the same answer:"Nawt yeeeet", in a slow southern drawl. I reassured them that I would send any deer their way.
The new camera is working out quite well. It is really compact and easy to stick in my rear jersey pocket.
One of the views from BC.
As I headed home, I noticed that the temps had warmed up to a balmy 40+ degrees.
After getting home, I changed and went to get some food. I hate eating at home alone, so I stopped by good old McDonald's for a Big Mac and 2 apple pies. Remember when the pies were fried? They were so much better!!
I ended up getting some work done on the house, and amazingly enough it turned out fine. I am working on the interior trim, around doors and window, and some staining needed to be done. I had the wood stove cranked, thinking that is would help dry the stain more quickly. All of a sudden I smelled a strong gaseous odor similar to that of kerosene. At that point, with visions of my house going up in a huge ball of flames, I shut the wood stove down and opened all the doors and windows. I also decided to do stain the wood outside before installing it from now on. This will be one of those projects that I need to chip away at all week.
Sunday I continued working on the house and then hooked up with Stephanie Grant for a spin around Bent Creek. ( I love that place).
I ended up with 6 hrs of riding for the weekend. I'm really glad that this is a lighter week, with only 7 hrs on the schedule, it should be quite relaxing!!
Have a great day.
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