Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wheel Day

The kids after the ride:

Stephen and Jubal:
Lookout Joshua Juarez!!!

Yesterday was Wheel Day at Jubal's school. They are learning the letter W. They all got to bring their bikes and scooters and ride them around in the school parking lot. Of course I wanted in on the action so I invited myself.

We rode around in circles, races, there were some hard crashes but no permanent harm done!

My commute home/ training ride consisted of sprints. I'm not a sprinter, I like to climb and spin. I almost talked myself out of the sprints but realised that that is exactly why I needed to work on that skill.

My nutrition experiment worked out really well. For the hour ride to work on no breakfast, I felt great. I also did not have the driving hunger that I typically have after getting to work. Then the 1.5 hr ride home was another good test. I usually get hungry about 45 minutes in to my ride. But last night, I didn't get hungry, and when I got home, just like in the morning, I did not have that driving hunger that I usually have.

Hmmmmm, any thoughts?

Have a great rainy day!!!