Saturday, January 01, 2011


So much to do, so little time.  So much that I wanna do, and so much that I was told I couldn't do, or it wouldn't be practical.  Practical for who?  You?  I'm not doing this for you.  And no it's not practical,  but what is practical?  Practical is based on presupposition, and each person seems to have his/her own presupposition.

So, I'm gonna follow my heart, my travelin' bone. Gonna pick up my wanderlust where I left off.  I'm gonna pack my bags and hit the highway. Let the wind blow through my hair, the sun burn my skin,  smell the fresh air.  I"m gonna get out of this city, and see some stuff. Maybe see the world. It's gonna be grand.

And then when I get to work, I'm gonna do my job.  I'll mingle around the water cooler and talk about the hardships of life.  I'll answer the phones and push the papers.  I'll explain things, encourage things, discourage things.   When quittin' time rolls around, I'll head back out into the great wide open.  I'll roll those wheels down the road.  I'll head south for a bit, then a little east,  and I'll be home again.  With the ones who love me, unconditionally,  who care about me and don't give up on me.  The ones who I live and work for.

And then tomorrow,  I'll get up and do it again.  And the next day, and on and on.  Until the weekend,  then it's the same, just no work.  Just fresh air and travelin' dreams,  all day long.

Have a great day.

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