Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The view from the deck
 After some severe thunderstorm action Saturday night we woke to a beautiful day on Sunday.  The clouds hung low in the valley for most of the day, giving us the illusion of flying high above.  We ate some homemade cinnamon rolls and hit the road around 9am. 

 We were moving slow, enjoying the warmth and letting the blood flow to our legs.  I was feeling good,  ready to pound out some miles.  The big question was whether or not the parkway was closed from Mitchell to Bull Gap.  If it was closed with a no bikes sign, we would have to backtrack, giving us 20 extra miles for the day.  That would be truly epic.  
Mr Technology make a phone call
 After calling the parkway recording, we road on, trusting that the recording and not the sign was correct.  I asked Mike 3 times if he wanted to take the alternate route, but he declined...hardcore. 

The rest of the ride was uneventful.  Simply grinding along at a touring pace, enjoying the scenery and chatting it up.  A quick refill at a spring on the side of the mountain, a few more climbs and we were at the Craggy Visitors Center
two tunnels

Green Knob Fire Tower in the distance

Entrance to Mt Mitchell

Craggy Garden VC
 After the long downhill and a few more uphills, we parted ways. It was warm and we were successful.  220 miles over 3 days,  roughly 17,000 ft of climbing made for a good training block.  I felt stronger as the days went by and my confidence in my fitness is good.
parting shot from and epic ride...

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