Monday, April 18, 2011


I just wrapped up my most memorable and fun spring break ever.  The wife and kid both had spring break scheduled at the same time and I took advantage of it by making sure we all had fun.  Movie at the theatre, bike rides, camping, fishing, visiting with friends, some Okie Dokies BBQ,  Healthy Kids Day bike rodeo, the Carolina Youth Mountain Bike League Races and topping it off with a bike ride of my

The Kid, before his race.  He killed it.
 Parents were allowed to ride along with the kids during the race for safety and to encourage.  The field got spread out pretty quickly after the start as there was a 100 yard hike a bike up a gravel road.  The kid is at the bottom of his age group in the 7/8 yr olds.  He is still 6 but they group the kids by age at the end of this year.  He took off and hiked up the road, running some and walking some.  Hitting the single track he road most of it and crashed once hard.  He saddled back up and rode on.  I was behind him encouraging him, coaching him and pumping him up.  Halfway through the race, I got really annoyed....with myself.  Realizing I was talking too much, I asked him if I was.  He said "yes".  So, I cut back and let him race his race.  And guess what?  He did great without me!   
waterfall in the woods

Covered Bridge
 After getting home I had time to get out for a ride.  I rolled down the Parkway to Bent Creek.  A couple of miles into the ride, I got passed by 3 roadies....who didn't say a word.   Why?  Why don't people out riding bikes, doing the exact same thing at least greet with a hello?

I jumped up to the trio and got in the slip stream.  Nothing like a free ride on a long stretch of pavement.  A couple of minutes of drafting later and the guy in back said to the guy in front," Hey Jeff,  this guy on the mtn bike says he wants you to go faster".  Jeff picked the pace up a little bit, but they could not shake me.   A long downhill then the long steep climb to the I-26 overpass.   Jeff could not keep the pace and rotated around, I sat on the back still.  Then guy #2 and the girl, picked up the pace and got a gap.  I sat behind Jeff for a second and should have gone around. I watched as the girl stood up and put a couple of bike lengths between herself and guy #2.   I could not let that happen, so I went around Jeff, then around guy #2.  It took a little while, but by the top of the climb, I had reeled in the girl and tucked in behind her.   I hope they greet me next time, I'll take it easy on them! 
The bike, the woods, the sunshine

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