Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Big Creek

Nolan and I drove up to Bent Creek Gap and mounted our bikes for the grind up the parkway to the top of Big Creek. The day was warm and the views were plentiful. As we wound our way up the mountain, we talked about a lot of different stuff, but mostly enjoyed the ride, and the company.

Nolan had never been to Big Creek and I had been there once before. We dropped in and railed it, as fast as we could with our limited downhill skills. The rhodo tunnels, the ridgeline, the warm day, and the creek cascading at the bottom made for a magical day. I commented that indians once roamed through here. When Nolan asked why, I commented: " Because they could". I let my imagination run wild and pictured a native american village perched amongst the trees on the gently sloping hill side. I could see the smoke from the fires rising gently in the morning sun. The kids running around playing some ancient form of tag, screams piercing the otherwise still air.

The creek was a perfect place to do some bike adjustments and take it all in, it was one of those days, one where a person wants to sit on a rock, to become a rock, and just be there. It was a good day.

We decided to hike our bikes up Spencer Branch and ride down Spencer Gap before heading back up to the truck. The last time I hiked up this trail was with Jeremy of Mountain Goat Epics. The last time was also with a single speed.

It was a good day to be out there, to share it with a friend, to experience another day in the woods....to be.
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