Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laurel - Pilot

My friends took me on a big ride and all I brought back was this lousy photo

It was a perfect day for riding in the woods and I kind of forgot that I had a camera.  When I did remember, I was too busy hanging on to the fully rigid single speed.  Lame I know, but there you have it. 

I agreed to meet Chris and Nolan at 8:30am at the Laurel Trailhead.  Justin came along too.  The plan was to take a leisurely pace up the mountain, and the ride down Pilot to loop back to the cars.   Chris, being the big bad endurance racer that he is, parked at Fishermans' bridge and met us up the hill.   We rode up, making jokes, laughing, making fun of each other, like good friends do.  The leaves are mostly fallen from the trees, and the views are amazing.  Not to mention the temps around 50 and all my stresses were left back at the trailhead. 

I opted to ride my fully ridgid, 26 er single speed, just for fun.  It was fun and helped me really appreciate my Siren, big wheels and suspension.  I don't think I'll be riding this bike on any big adventures, but it will be really fun for short rides. 

After dropping back down to the gravel road ,  a pseudo race developed and it was all good till I got the jump on Nolan, passing on the inside.  He then proceeded to shift his gears, and up the pace,  Chris and Justin falling in behind him, leaving me spun out. 

Next time....

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