Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Woods

I took a walk in the woods.  I'm unmotivated to ride my bike lately,  unmotivated in general.  It has something to do with the holidays and broken family relationships.  Dealing with it, keeping my head up, moving forward.  It takes effort, its tiring.  But, its worth it. 

As I was walking, I looked to the left down into the little valley.  I started walking then stopped and backed up a couple of steps.  It looked like the brownish gray of a white tail deer, but it was motionless, not even the flick of the tail.  I stood still, watching, wondering if it was real or a target used for practice.  I have no idea how much time went by as we each stood motionless.  Probably less than a minute, but the moment will last forever in my mind. 

The deer finally moved, turned his head and revealed a nice 6 point rack.  It was a thing of beauty,  then the tail flicked up showing up bright white against the leafy back drop.  The buck slowly strutted away from me, head held high. 

As the animals of the woods prepare themselves for the coming winter months,  my fellow humans are scurrying around doing the same,  only with the added pressure of things like road rage and families outlandish expectations. 

Take the time to stand still and soak up your surroundings.  You can do it in your own living room, back yard or out in the woods, simple.

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