Friday, April 19, 2013

A's and B's

Sam and Kevin sporting the awesome Liberty kit
We have been trying to get the Thursday Night Liberty Road ride rolling for several weeks now.  With the extended winter and other stuff, it has not gotten off the ground...until tonight. 

We attempted 2 new things, one worked, the other did not. 

We actually split into two groups, A and B.  The B's were to head out first with the A's following after 5 minutes.  I'm pretty sure the A's didn't wait the full 5 minutes because they caught us in the first 5 miles.   I can't blame them though, because when you dangle a carrot in front of someone who has racing in their blood,  the person simply has to chase. 

So then we were together.  Sam and I decided that on the next longish climb we would hold a steady pace and let the A's get ahead of us.  This worked until we all reassembled at the next red light.

We "accidentally" regrouped several times throughout the ride.  The B's formed a steady, rotating paceline, while the A's hammered each other into the ground.   Interestingly,   up until the last hill sprint section, the B group stayed mostly within sight of the A group. 
Me sporting my awesome Foundry kit
It was a fun ride, and I came home tired, but not overly tired.  There will be days when I decide to duke it out with the A's, but know that the B group will offer some solid training, I'm looking forward to riding with the group again. 

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tnfishdaddy said...

I discovered your blog yesterday and read the entire thing last night. I just wanted to say hey. I am just over the mountain from you in Greeneville, TN. I am an overweight 46 year old father who is turning to cycling to try and lose some weight. Well a lot of weight. I have two boys around your boys age and I need to change my life so that I can be here for them. Your blog has given me the motivation to dust off my old bike and today after I get done teaching, I plan on riding a little. Keep on blogging.