Monday, April 29, 2013

Spin Tech Training

So a couple of weeks ago, I signed up to do some compu training with Spin Tech.  It was kind of a last minute, "oh crap, Pisgah 111k is in 5 weeks (3 weeks now) where should I pick up my training, because I have been too busy to stay consistent" moment. 

Remind me next year not to do any racing in May, June or July.  Too much going on with Trips For Kids WNC.  Good stuff, just not enough time to train consistently. 

So, I talked with the guys at Spin Tech and they set me up on a 5 week training program. 

The first step was to suffer for 20 minutes to assess my Funtional Threshold Power.  Mine is at 247 Watts.  ( I know, that's top secret info, but like I care if you know what my potential is).

I was given the option of coming into the studio once or twice a week, for a 1 hr 20 minute workout.  The first two weeks, I only made it in 1 time, but the next couple of weeks, with limited time to ride, I might go in twice.

I was surprised at how quickly the time went by.  It really helps having a goal and someone to keep me accountable, as opposed to riding rollers alone at home.  ( financial expense is a good motivator too).  

I have never trained with power before, but I have heard good things about it.  I've looking forward to seeing how I improve over the next couple of weeks!

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