Friday, January 24, 2014

Flu Flew Phlue

yeah,  I got the flu.  It knocked me down hard.  But I'm on the mend.  I wanted to die.  Laying there on the cold floor,  half shivering, dreaming about 100's of knick knacks lined up around me and not daring to move lest I disorganized any of them..  then I woke up, only to lay there thinking about where to take my next bike packing trip.  I could almost feel the warmth of the sun on my back as I wound through a forest of green on the Palmetto Trail.....

And so it goes.  It didn't kill me so I must be stronger.  Back to life, answering phone calls and e-mails I didn't dare answer while I was sick.  Don't make commitments when you are not coherent!

It is 2 degrees as I write this, and I'm thinking about riding again, but not in these temps.  Can't run either,  not a good recovery.  Some roller time?  Maybe I'll do that this weekend.  

First on my list is to start getting tuned up for the Liberty Bikes Thursday night ride.  Daylight Saving Time is March 9th, so I'm sure the ride will start soon after that.  I don't want that to be my first ride of the year. 

The rest of the year is up in the air right now.  I'm waiting on the wife's work schedule,  who knows.

After a complete standstill, the house project continues slowly.  I'm currently looking for the right electrician to do some work for me,  if you know of one, send me some contact info.  I'm pretty picky about who comes into my house. 

Well,   off to pour another cup of coffee and stoke the fire.

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