Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good news.   This weekend, I started to get that itch to start riding again.  I was in the middle of helping a friend lay hard wood flooring at his house and suddenly I felt like riding.  And camping.  Aaah, bikepacking.  Still  a little cold for that, but in time. 

Last night I started working on my fleet.  Replacing worn parts, setting up the single speed.   It felt good and I was getting more excited about the coming year. 

I'm looking forward to just riding, training, and enjoying my time on the bike.  I am not setting much in the way of goals, just planning on finishing the races/events that I start. 

I'm also looking forward to warmer temps.  We are only half way through January, and had a taste of warmth recently, but it was enough of a reminder of what the warm sun on the skin feels like......

6 more weeks or so, and spring will start to creep in!!

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