Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't Postpone Joy

I keep writing things, and then erasing them.  The stress of life muddling the thoughts in my head.  I try to sort them out,  the who, the why,  and how they affect me......

Its a weird week,  having to face several different situations at the same time.  I'm not sure why, but its happening.  And I can't stop it.

But that's fine.  A friend reminded me: " Don't Postpone Joy".  And while I am usually pretty good at that,  this reminder came at just the right time.

Its difficult to walk into a situation where you know you will be treated with a lack of respect.  But in these situations,  attitude really is everything.

I'll spend the time focusing on the joy in my life:  The wife and kid, the bicycle community and the individual that bring a positive spin to my days,  upcoming bikepacking trips,  "Mike rides",  remodel projects..... and so much more.

There are days that will be tough, with that dark cloud over our head,  but reminding ourselves that we have something to live for, will make all the difference.

I believe that we have to have bad days, to struggle,  these things make us stronger.

Try it today: Don't Postpone Joy!

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Local Guys Moving said...

Thanks for doing this blog it was a joy just to be and Lori's presents any opportunity I got she will be missed what an impact she made this world!