Friday, February 28, 2014

Blue Bling

 I finally did it.  I blinged out a bicycle.  I've never done this before for a couple of reasons.  Available funds being one, and I also just didn't see the need. 

But, when I decided to go single speed for a while, I decided to start putting blue bits on the bike and take it from there.  At some point I just let go and started searching for anything blue,  all the way down to the chainring bolts. 

And then I had saved enough money to purchase a set of I-9 wheels. 
 I feel guilty doing this all for myself,  I'll admit that.  I'm not accustomed to making my things look good and flashy. 

It has been a blast though.  And yesterday, while taking the virgin wheelset for a trial run,  I looked down at the bike and grinned, ear to ear. 
 Thanks Brendan at Siren Bicycles, Liberty Bikes, Shanna at Endless Bike Co, The Fellas at I-9, Eddie and WN Precision for the power, Dave Wood and Mark Smith. 

And of course my wife for being enthusiastic about the project.  I had her full support from day one,  that means a lot!
 I just need to get some blue skewers and a better fork and this piece of art will be ready to tackle Pisgah!!

See you out there.

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