Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ORAMM is Coming

Days left until I toe the line at my nemesis race: Off Road Assault on Mt Mitchell.   I'm nervous to say the least.  And excited.  The last time I attempted this race was in 2010 and I DNF'ed.  I also DNF'ed in '09 with an ambulance ride and visit to the ER.  The last time I completed the entire route was 3 weeks after the race in 2010.  I went solo,   had to get that monkey off my back. 

Fast forward 4 yrs, and here I am.  4 yrs of rides, pain, suffering, success.  WN Precision fit, Siren's John Henry set up Single Speed, nutrition and training advice from a lot of people, including Namrita and Eddie O'dea! 

To say I'm ready would be overconfident.  I didn't follow a training plan this year.  My DNF at the P111K definitely encouraged me to "train" but I decided not to follow rigid structure this year.  My 250 mile ride from VA to Asheville brought my legs back to life and taught me a little more about nutrition.   I'm having fun on the bike and not stressing about how many hours I'm getting.  I'm still following my HR and know approximately how hard I can go for how long.  My friends tell me I am riding strong and looking ready. 

I have my doubts,  its natural, but overall, I am ready. 

I just hope I can get some sleep between now and race day!

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