Friday, July 11, 2014


 Its been a while since I have posted.  It is summer time and summer time is slammed time.  I have trips going out almost everyday and on a rare day with no trips..... I take advantage and get office type stuff done.   Fun times!

The ride last night started well enough.  Hot and humid and not too fast.  The skies were clear after a huge storm had passed earlier.  I was glad to get out.  I'm averaging 2 training rides per week this time of year, and with ORAMM coming up,  I don't take this time for granted.   I'm bound to be losing fitness though, so my nemesis race will be more like a big ride.  That's fine with me.  I want to finish and sit in that creek without feeling like I'm going to die!
 So, we were cruising along Butler Bridge Rd last night, a group of 4 off the front when a vehicle turned left in front of them.  Bob and Jamie hit some brakes and went down hard.  Officer McMurray was helpful and informed the guys that they were better off not filing a report because their insurance premiums would go up.  That's what I gathered second hand anyway.  Jamie asked the guy for a card, he said he didn't have business cards,  that the state does not pay for them.  I though police were required to have some sort of ID that they could leave with a person.   Maybe I'll order some from Vistaprint and send them to him.
Bob's wife came and picked the two up and hauled them to the hospital.  The rest of us continued the ride, a bit deflated and discouraged for our friends.

Its good to live in a cycling community that sticks together in crisis.  Its good to live amongst people who care on many different levels.

Prayers for Bob and Jamie for a speedy recovery.
Have a great day!

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