Monday, December 01, 2014

Free To Protest

I took the kid to see the UNCA women's basketball team play tonight.   We were having a blast, goofing off and eating ice cream.

 At half time, a group of about 25 zealous college students walked onto one side of the stands holding Ferguson-esque protest signs and chanting "hands up, don't shoot". .....

What the....

Up until that point,  I had not taken notice of how many blacks, whites or other races were in the arena.  Up until that point, I was only experiencing one human race,  enjoying a game of basketball and some ice cream with the kid.   Up until that point,  I didn't notice that there were 3 black cops and 4 white ones.  Up until that point,  I didn't perceive any threats or begin to pigeon hole any attendees.

As I looked around, a black lady cheered,  a Hispanic "looking" guy joined the protest.  An older white male walked away shaking his head and smiling,  a 20 something black male shook his head in disgust, and walked away smiling.  I started to get irritated.  The chant was annoying.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm devastated that a life was lost and that a police officer was in that position.  It sucks for everyone.   I can only imagine what each person involved; family members, co workers, witnesses etc are going through, and I hope that I never have to experience anything like it.

But, I was there to enjoy the game with like minded people.

And then I felt grateful.   Thankful that we live in a place where we are free to make a sign, and sing a chant.  To promote what we believe in.

 In hindsight,  I wish I had walked over and hugged each one of the protestors.

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