Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Night Run

The kid has been bitten by the trail running bug.  I don't know how or when it happened, but in the past week, we have done 4 trail runs, one at night! 

Last night we set out around 6:30pm, walking up the pavement to the trailhead.  The kid talked a lot, like he does when he is excited.  Apparently, he talks a lot when he is nervous too.  Makes for some good conversation though.

We got onto the dirt trail and started running.  We ran some and walked some.  He was excited that he could see the vapor from his breath in the headlamp.  He wanted me to show him the green spider eyes reflecting in the light.  I showed him the city lights glowing far down in the distance.

He was loving it, and I was pumped.  He is really into soccer right now.  He was wearing his Messi uniform at the hobby shop the other day.  An Argentinean man was in the shop as well.  He introduced himself to the kid and talked about the game. 

I told the kid that trail running will help his endurance during games.  

I'm not sure how I'm going to juggle my mountain bike endurance training, and take the kid trail running..... I'll figure something out!  Maybe it will make me stronger. 

I reminded the kid that we have to turn around before we are tired, so that we have the energy to make it back home. 

After about 15 minutes, we stopped to head back.   We heard barking in the distance.  It sounded a lot like coyotes to me, and I had never heard dog's barks coming from that direction.  My hunch was later confirmed by Frank, who lives over the ridge from where we were running.  Definitely coyote activity in the area. 

We headed back out of the woods and towards home.  I asked the kid how he likes trail running.  He said it was different than in the day,   you have to run slower.  And it was kind of scary, with the coyotes and other noises. 

I'm pretty darn happy right now!

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