Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winding up

 It is raining and I am chillin'.   I have had a super busy month and its not over yet.  We got a new puppy, Ollie, and he is the coolest.  Texas is still getting used to him, being the grumpy old dog, he isn't used to having a young whipper snapper running around!  He is 16 weeks old and almost house broken.   Waking me up around 4am to go outside to pee.  I'd rather get up at 4 than clean up a mess anytime.  It has been nice standing outside in the early hours of the morning.  So quiet and peaceful.  I think about lacing up my shoes and going for a night hike. 

Running is going well.  I'm a little bit bored with it this year though.  I doubt I'll be doing anything epic, like the solo marathon I did last year.  I can still remember the pain....

Been cutting and splitting firewood too.  It is a constant process that I enjoy.  Being out in the cold,  the sound of the chainsaw, the smell of sawdust and oil.  Love it. 
I've been pondering my race/event/adventure calendar for 2015.  It is looking like P111K, Pisgah MTB Stage Race and ORAMM are on the docket.  After that I am planning on doing some bikepacking.  Planning on planning ahead far enough to do a longer trip.  TNGA still looms and now the VMTBT is out there!    Exciting stuff!

Something else in the works too, but you'll have to wait for that. 

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