Thursday, June 04, 2015


 Things are pretty crazy around here lately.  The typical lull at the end of the school year and before summer ride programs start up has been filled with the Oakley Playground build.  And as if that wasn't enough, I volunteered to lead a volunteer group from Kohl's to help build this flower garden at the entrance to Oakley and the school.  We worked hard and it looks good ( I think so anyway)!

It was cool to have people driving by and telling us that it looks great.  That would not have happened 5 yrs ago.  This neighborhood is improving.
 So, needless to say, I'm feeling some stress and feeling overwhelmed and not riding my bike much.  I'll make up for it on Sunday at the Fletcher Flyer Century!  That's gonna hurt. 

 I'm looking forward to Friday when we start the playground demo to get ready for the new one. Sunrise Sawmill has been amazing to volunteer time and machines to get the job done.  If you need lumber, sawdust, wood chips or mulch, give them a call.

 Sometimes reminders of the peace in the midst of chaos comes in the smallest things.  Just a whisper in the wind.  The kid and I found baby rabbits across the street and have been watching them grow.  Yesterday we went and peeked in the nest and their eyes are open.  We covered the next and started to leave, when this little guy came back out and hopped/crawled towards us!  My heart melted. 

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